Roccobarocco Renens

Roccobarocco Renens : Story of a brand with timeless style.

Roccobarocco Renens is not only a great brand famous all over the world, but also the name of a great Italian designer, namely Antonio Moscariello. He was born in Naples on March 26, 1944 and after some time he will be able to change his name in the registry office. Rocco Barocco thus becomes not only his stage name, but also that of his Brand, a symbol of provocative and at the same time chic fashion. His childhood is very simple and lived in Ischia together with his eight brothers. His studies initially have nothing to do with fashion: this was a detail that intrigued those who did not know his story. In fact, he becomes a long-haul captain, after graduating from the nautical institute of Procida. But the turning point of his professional life begins when he moves to Rome, as he is interested in the world of fashion.


His first steps in the fashion world.

When he moved to Rome, Rocco Barocco began gaining experience in the fashion world. Specifically, he began his professional career working from 1962 onwards in the atelier of Patrick De Balensen and Giles. In particular, he will begin a fruitful collaboration with the latter, which will last for 10 years. Another important stage of his career begins in 1974 when he opens his own fashion house. Five years later, he presents his first women’s prêt-à-porter collection. From that moment on, his professional ascent begins that will make him famous in Italy and around the world. From that year on, we will hear more and more about Roccobarocco Renens shoes or Roccobarocco wallets, to give two examples. Over time, both the Roccobarocco Renens women’s collection thrilled many people who appreciated the elegant yet sober style.

Other curiosities about his life and awards received.

We have seen how Rocco Barocco started his career and his path very early, but we have not told a particular anecdote. We refer to his adolescence, a period in which he decided to work in a small shop, carrying on his studies at the same time. The shop was called Nino’s Shop, frequented regularly by many tourists. One day a French tourist entered the shop to make some purchases and discovered the talent of the young Campanian.

She then decided to put in a good word with Giles and Patrick De Balansen, whom we mentioned earlier. We have not even said another important thing, that he has won prestigious awards, always being considered as the artist of sexy creations. As for the awards obtained, we refer to the silver mask for high fashion in 1967. But also the Singer award in New York as a young designer and in Pittsburgh in 1973.

He has occasionally told some behind-the-scenes stories and about his collections as we can read in this interview.

Why he chose the stage name Rocco Barocco.

We saw at the beginning how Rocco Barocco is not his real name. Many people then wondered about the most important reasons for choosing his stage name. In fact, during some interviews he declared that he chose the surname Barocco almost as a game of memory and assonances. He said, for example, that he chose the Ba before the name Rocco because it was the surname of his first teacher, Barentzen.

However, this choice was appreciated by many Italians who considered it original and intelligent. Moreover, for many people it was natural to associate the surname and also the works of the designer from Ischia with an architectural style that, as we know, has given a lot of prestige to our country. Every time he was asked this question, he also answered jokingly as when in an interview he said literally “What could be better than a Baroque stylist in Italy?”

His relationship with women. Famous clients who over the years have frequented his tailor shop in Piazza di Spagna.

Over the years, the great artist has often focused on his relationship with women, who have always been considered muses for his creations. He has also always made it clear how women have brought him luck, as demonstrated by the French friend who discovered his talent when he was only 16 years old. It is no coincidence that many famous women have frequented his tailoring, giving it prestige. Liza Minnelli, Francesca Dellera, Claudia Cardinale, Virna Lisi and Marta Marzotto are just some of the stars who have often bought clothes from this great artist. Speaking of his attention to women, we will now see together all the particular secrets of Rocco Barocco’s production dedicated precisely to the fairer sex.

Roccobarocco Renens women’s collection: features and style.

All the people who have had the fortune of admiring the Roccobarocco Renens women’s collection will have certainly noticed the colors. The women’s clothing items of this brand are characterized precisely by the variety of colors, which certainly do not go unnoticed. In fact, as far as colors are concerned, we go from blue to white, but there is also gold, beige and pink. However, colors are not the only reason why this great designer’s women’s collection stands out. In reality, it has always been very appreciated especially because in many models there are jewel embroideries both geometric and floral, as well as transparencies.

Over the years, women have been able to appreciate many Roccobarocco Renens tote models, which have always had the peculiarity of being elegant and practical at the same time. For example, Roccobarocco’s Renens women’s shoulder bags are characterized by a sophisticated design as well as attention to details and materials.

Examples of Roccobarocco Renens women’s collection bag models.

Describing or even just mentioning the many models of Roccobarocco Renens women’s collection bags is absolutely impossible in a few lines, but we want to give some examples. We have already mentioned the shoulder bags for women, but it is only one of the many types offered by this great designer. First of all, we would like to mention the types of bags for women offered by Rocco Barocco.

  • Bauletto bag
  • Shopping bag
  • Shoulder bag
  • Duffle bag
  • Mini bag
  • Pochette
  • Backpack
  • Handbag
  • Bucket bags
  • Beauty case

Every woman will be able to find the perfect bag for her needs. Some women will prefer a practical and casual bag. Others, on the other hand, will opt for something more refined and suitable for big occasions. Keep in mind that the idea of this company is to satisfy each of the customers who have been buying its products for years. Roccobarocco Renens Satchels are characterized by attention to detail, refined finishes and a variety of colors.

What are the other RoccobaroccoRenens  products designed for women?

So far we have talked about bags proposed by Roccobarocco for women. But obviously it is reductive to think that the offer is limited to this. This company offers women much more, starting with Roccobarocco Renens wallets. There are many models among which a woman can choose which obviously have different characteristics, but lack some things in common. Certainly a Roccobarocco Renens women’s wallet is well recognizable for its refined and elegant style. It is therefore perfect for a woman who needs not only something to put money and documents in, but also an accessory that is well-groomed and beautiful to look at, as well as comfortable. But women also love other things about this great company such as Roccobarocco Renens Shoes that combine comfort and class. Roccobarocco Renens has also thought about the well-being of its loyal customers’ feet, since it offers them different models of comfortable and original shoes.

Roccobarocco shoes: discover sneakers and ankle boots for women.

The Roccobarocco Renens brand is also well known for women’s shoes, essentially sneakers or ankle boots. These are very particular models that women love because they find them imaginative but at the same time very comfortable. They are in fact suitable for everyday life also because of their casual style, which however does not lack originality. To give an example we can mention one of the models, namely the silver-colored sneakers, with a light rubber wedge and the Roccobarocco Renens logo on the side. In addition, in the Roccobarocco Shoes women’s collections we can find many other sneakers, but also boots, which are often high and with a modern design. Many women tell of having purchased Roccobarocco Renens boots and being positively surprised by the quality and resistance of the materials. When it comes to Roccobarocco Renens products, the surprise effect is never lacking.